wtpThe WTP ULTRASONIC was created from the fusion of experiences in the areas of mechanical engineering and manufacturing of equipment for welding of plastic components. Gathering specific know how the company seeks to serve its customers with consolidated solutions and robust bringing the very best in its field.

wtpThe machines and equipment are manufactured using the best materials from reputable brands such as Siemens, Festo, SMC, SEW, among other. We apply the latest concepts in design and structural logic, focusing a result “quality”.

wtpOur headquarters is located in the Contagem city industrial hub of the state of Minas Gerais – Brazil. We are prepared to supply the most diverse needs. We have the engineering sector where our projects are developed, an ultrasound lab, a large manufacturing and a qualified staff to manage the solution of our projects.

wtpOur structure also has a mechanical construction division which in turn has great expertise using various equipment for machining CNC, conventional milling machines and all the necessary condition for mechanical manufacturing and related consolidated for several years in the market . Meet our homepage and identify the necessary solution for your product. We will be pleased to meet your expectations.